White’s Ferry Owners Offer to Donate it to Montgomery County

April 16, 2024

By www.wusa9.com

STERLING, Va. — The owners of White’s Ferry now want to donate the operation to Montgomery County. Chuck and Stacy Kuhn officially made the offer Tuesday.

The Kuhns say the offer is meant to get the ferry operational, preserve history, save jobs and reduce traffic — and end a years-long debate that has kept the ferry grounded since 2020.

“We are happy to propose a resolution to Montgomery County. Our goal was always to get the ferry reopened,” said Chuck Kuhn, CEO, JK Land Holdings in a press statement. “It’s a special crossing that serves as a local economic engine and piece of history. Too many businesses and residents have had their livelihoods impacted by its closure. Despite many good faith efforts to work with the Virginia landowners to make ferry access available, donating the operation became the only solution that made sense to ensure the ferry has a chance to become a functioning part of our lives and local economy.”

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