Old Dominion Land Conservancy finalizes conservation easement process for nearly 1,000 acres of land owned by Kuhn Family

Loudoun Land Preserved for Future Generations

Purcellville (January 25, 2022)Old Dominion Land Conservancy (ODLC), a nonprofit dedicated to working with landowners to conserve water and land, has completed the conservation easement process for an additional 1,000 acres of land in various parts of Loudoun County that was donated by Chuck and Stacy Kuhn in 2021.  By placing it into conservation easement, the land will be protected from development and preserved as open space for future generations.

“Loudoun is beautiful, historic, and has incredible natural habitats. Protecting it from future development takes planning, understanding land use laws, and coordination with various government entities. As experts in navigating these processes, we help save land,” explained ODLC Executive Director Henry Stribling. “We are proud to partner with the Kuhn family to help save another 1,000 acres of our county’s land.”

The conserved land was purchased by Chuck Kuhn, owner of JK Land Holdings and JK Moving Services, and his wife Stacy over the past few years and spans Loudoun county. The preserved land includes these locations and acreage:

  • 1A James Monroe Hwy, 128.65 acres, Lucketts—Substantially undeveloped, and its forests, fields, and edge areas provide habitat for a variety of wildlife and plant species
  • Cornerstone Ridge, 136 acres, Purcellville—Comprised largely of farmland designated as either Prime Farmland or Soils of Statewide Importance with some forest along stream courses
  • Yellow Schoolhouse Rd,146.4 acres, Near Bluemont—Used primarily for forestal and agricultural purposes and contains features such as forests, crop land and pastures
  • Mountain Road, 151.36 acres, Lovettsville—Consists predominantly of agricultural fields with a small, forested area that buffers an intermittent stream
  • 12347 Axline Road, 128 acres, Near Lovettsville—Preserving protects the public viewshed of the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area and the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area
  • Aldie Farm, 215.19 acres, Aldie —Features rolling topography with high points in the central and southeastern areas
  • Lincoln Road Farm, 78 acres, Lincoln—Predominantly agricultural with three tree-lined stream courses and a small patch of forest

“Old Dominion Land Conservancy is a great partner in protecting Virginia land. Their expertise ensures a greater community good and is helping my family create and achieve a legacy of conservation by preserving Loudoun’s natural habitats, ecosystems and past,” explained Chuck Kuhn.

Over the years, ODLC has recognized the Kuhn family for its ongoing conservation efforts, which have resulted in saving more than 22,000 acres of land to date, including several thousand acres near Loudoun’s historic villages, a property that housed the former historic Middleburg Academy, the Wolver Hill Farm in Middleburg, Westpark golf course in Leesburg that is being transformed into a park, a parcel that has more native species of plants and wildlife indigenous to Virginia than is typical, and 150-acres in Purcellville used to start the JK Community Farm, a charitable effort alleviating hunger by growing organic crops and protein and donating them to local foodbanks. In addition, ODLC is helping the Kuhns place two contiguous parcels of land in Saint Louis, Virginia, one of county’s first African American townships, into conservation easement to protect the 42 acres from development.

Old Dominion Land Conservancy (ODLC) is a 501(c)3 that seeks to protect land and water and provide for future generations. It focuses on the preservation of Virginia’s beautiful, historic, countryside and valuable water resources. ODLC tailors conservation easements to meet the specific needs and conservation purposes of ODLC and each landowner. ODLC also seeks to educate the public on why land conservancy is important and so easily overlooked. Since 2001, ODLC has helped designate and preserve thousands of acres in land conservancy.