NOVA Parks Receives a 128 Acre Donation Expanding Property in Loudoun County

LoudounTimes (June 30, 2022) NOVA Parks received the deed to a 128-acre property north of Lucketts, from Chuck and Stacy Kuhn, owners of JK Land Holdings, for the purpose of preservation during a signing ceremony Tuesday morning.

The property, which is located on Route 15, north of Chestnut Hills Farms, 3 miles north of Lucketts, and 2.2 miles south of Point of Rocks, joins an adjacent 150-acre property acquired by NOVA Parks to make up 278 total acres, according to officials. In 2015, Dr. Robert and Kristen Santone sold the 150-acre property to NOVA Parks.

The signing ceremony closed a four-year process, Chuck Kuhn told the Times-Mirror. After he and his wife placed over 22,000 acres into conservation, he challenged people in the future to continue finding ways to protect the county.

“We’ve tried to do our part,” said Chuck Kuhn. “There were a lot of people that were here before us doing a lot of great things in this county. I would like to thank them and I look forward to the people that will step up after us and continue to protect this county.”

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