Kuhn Family Purchases Middleburg Academy Property with Plans to Place Land into Conservation Easement

Press contact: Shawn Flaherty, 703-554-3609

Sterling, VA (Aprl 29, 2021) – Chuck Kuhn, founder and CEO of JK Moving Services, and his wife Stacy Kuhn, have purchased the 90-acre property that houses Middleburg Academy, a private school that closed its doors last June. In keeping with their conservation goals, the Kuhns are planning to place the land into conservation easement to protect it and the historic manor house from future development.

“By buying this property, we are continuing to serve as stewards of Virginia’s beautiful and historic lands, helping preserve its natural habitats and ecosystems. Protecting the environment and history are important for future generations,” explained Chuck Kuhn. “Since this abuts the Middleburg Training Center—which we own and conserved, we plan to use a small portion of the land to expand the Center’s operation.”

Kuhn finalized the purchase terms on April 28, 2021, which includes the land, school buildings, and historic manor house built in the 1920s.  The school portion of the property will reopen as a school, with final negotiations in process for the buildings to be leased to a private school operator. The land adjoins the 149-acre Middleburg Training Center, which the Kuhns purchased, placed into conservation easement, and revitalized. A portion of the Middleburg Academy land will used to expand the training center’s equine disciplines by adding more barns and riding arenas.

This purchase follows the Kuhn Family buying the historic Wolver Hill farm in Middleburg at the beginning of the year. The 496-acre farm, previously owned by the Iselin family, includes a historic home dating back over one hundred years and has a rich history in the horse racing community. To protect the land, the Kuhns are in the process of putting it into conservation easement.

Other ways that Kuhn, his family and his company have protected local landmarks and supported the community include:

  • Buying historic White’s Ferry.
  • Purchasing Westpark with the intention of placing 135 of those acres into a conservation easement for a park and to protect the open space from future development.
  • Partnering with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy to buy and place into conservation easement an 87-acre parcel of land in northern Loudoun County called Stumptown Woods that has more native species of plants and wildlife indigenous to Loudoun and Virginia than is typical.
  • Starting the JK Community Farm, a charitable effort designed to alleviate hunger by growing and harvesting crops and livestock and donating them to local foodbanks, on 150 acres of conserved land in Purcellville.
  • Buying the historic Middleburg Training Center, which was placed into conservation easement and is now fully renovated.
  • Purchasing and placing several thousand acres near Loudoun’s historic villages into easement, including Egypt Farm–which had been previously owned by developers, and recently three farms outside the town of Waterford.