850 Acres Placed into Easement by Old Dominion Land Conservancy for Land Owned by Kuhn Family

ODLC Preserves Nearly 2,000 Kuhn Donated Acres in Past Year

Purcellville, Va. (June 15, 2022) Old Dominion Land Conservancy (ODLC) has completed the conservation easement process for an additional 850 acres of land—on top of more than 1,000 acres conserved earlier this year—that was donated by Chuck and Stacy Kuhn.  As a nonprofit dedicated to working with landowners to conserve water and land, ODLC is helping place the land into conservation easement to protect it from development and preserve it as open space in perpetuity.

“By partnering with the Kuhn family, we are ensuring that more pristine land will be saved from development. With this recent project, we have protected almost 2,000 acres that they donated in the past year, which is an investment in the environment and our collective future,” explained ODLC Executive Director Henry Stribling. “Through planning, coordination, and navigation of land use laws, we make the easement process manageable for those interested in creating a land legacy.”

The conserved land was purchased by Chuck and Stacy Kuhn, owners of JK Land HoldingsJK Moving Services, and CapRelo with the goal of protecting these landscapes that are primarily in Loudoun. The most recent preserved land includes these locations:  

  • Winchester Farm III – 204 acres
  • Arcola – 21 acres
  • Hidden Lane Farm – 59 acres
  • Loyalty Corner – 143 acres
  • Sunny Ridge – 214 acres
  • Watermill II – 193 acres
  • Picnic Woods – 29.41 acres

“We are excited to have more land protected and Old Dominion Land Conservancy has been an outstanding partner in helping shepherd this process.  Working together, we are ensuring that our natural world and rich history are preserved for future generations,” explained Chuck Kuhn.

ODLC has worked on a number of easements with the Kuhns, including the former 134-acre Westpark Golf Course in Leesburg, which is becoming a county park. Earlier this year, ODLC placed 1,039 acres in easement that was also donated by the Kuhns in 2021. These included: 1A James Monroe Hwy, 129 acres along the Potomac; Cornerstone Ridge, 136 acres, Purcellville; Yellow Schoolhouse Rd, 146 acres, near Bluemont; Mountain Road, 151 acres, Lovettsville; 12347 Axline Road, 128 acres, Near Lovettsville; Aldie Farm, 215 acres, Aldie; and Lincoln Road Farm, 78 acres, Lincoln.

Over the years, ODLC has recognized the Kuhn family for its ongoing conservation efforts, which have resulted in saving more than 22,000 acres of land to date, larger than the borough of Manhattan. These efforts, with ODLC and other land trusts, include several thousand acres near Loudoun’s historic villages, Wolver Hill Farm in Middleburg; a property that housed the former historic Middleburg Academy; a parcel that has more native species of plants and wildlife indigenous to Virginia than is typical; and 150-acres in Purcellville used to start the JK Community Farm, a charitable effort alleviating hunger by growing organic crops and protein and donating them to local foodbanks. In addition, ODLC is helping the Kuhns place two contiguous parcels of land in Saint Louis, Virginia, one of county’s first African American townships, into conservation easement to protect the 42 acres from development.

Old Dominion Land Conservancy (ODLC) is a 501(c)3 that seeks to protect land and water and provide for future generations. It focuses on the preservation of Virginia’s beautiful, historic, countryside and valuable water resources. ODLC tailors conservation easements to meet the specific needs and conservation purposes of ODLC and each landowner. ODLC also seeks to educate the public on why land conservancy is important and so easily overlooked. Since 2008, ODLC has helped designate and preserve thousands of acres in land conservancy.

Press Contact: Shawn Flaherty, 703-554-3609